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[RUS] Новости мирового кардинга и хакинга.
[ENG] News of the world of carding and hacking.
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[ACCESS] Access the PRIVATE section - 300 USD (Payment Bitcoin).
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[RUS] Реальный кардинг.
[ENG] CC, Dumps, Enroll, Bank account. Searсh SSN, DOB, MMN..
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[RUS] Вещевуха, шопы. Продажа и покупка карженного товара.
[ENG] Virtual carding. Sell and buy stuff.
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[RUS] Гифт карты. Подарочные сертификаты.
[ENG] Buying and selling goods stuff. E-Gift - Itunes, Xbox, Amazon, PSN, Target, Gap, Carters, Victoria Secret.
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[RUS] Поиск и услуги дропов. Обналичивание.
[ENG] Search and service drops. Search and provision of services of washing and cashing funds. Drop by the bay.
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[RUS] Документы. Сканы. Услуги отрисовки.
[ENG] Documents scans, driver's licenses, passports, certificates, diplomas.
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[RUS] Покупка и продажа СИМ карт, прием смс, услуги прозвон сервисов.
[ENG] Buying and selling SIM cards, receiving SMS, calling services.
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[RUS] Продажа и покупка кошельков различных электронных платежных систем, а также связок электронный кошелек и банковская карта.
[ENG] Sale and purchase of wallets of various electronic payment systems, as well as bundles of an electronic wallet and a bank card.
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[RUS] Софт и скрипты. Покупка / продажа.
[ENG] Sell and buy Software & Scripts.
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[RUS] Покупка и продажа аккаунтов.
[ENG] Sale and purchase invoices, Skype, ICQ, poker rooms..
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Сайтостроение, seo, защита от DDoS атак. Продажа и покупка - трафика, загрузки, инсталлы.
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VPN/VPS/VDS. Proxy/Socks/SSH Services etc.
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Hacking services, email, social networking, sites.
Buying and selling access to the admin panel FTP / SHELL / ROOT.
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Crypt files, ready ligament Botnet, Trojan horses, viruses.
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[RUS] Услуги рассылки спама. Софт, базы для спама.
[ENG] SPAM, mailings, software for spam.
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[RUS] Покупка и продажа аккаунтов социальных сетей. Услуги продвижения, накрутки и т.д. в социальных сетях.
[ENG] Buying and selling social media accounts. Promotion services, cheat, etc. in social networks.
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[RUS] Вакансии работодателей и резюме соискателей.
[ENG] Vacancies of employers and resume of applicants.
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[RUS] Все сервисы для которых не нашлось специализированного раздела.
[ENG] All services for which a specialized section was not found.
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[RUS] Все сервисы для которых не нашлось специализированного раздела.
[ENG] All services for which a specialized section was not found.
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